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Rutgers Research Annual Impact Report

As a leading national research university, and New Jersey’s largest and most comprehensive public institution of higher education, Rutgers University's growing research and innovation enterprise continues to solve real-world problems and drive innovation and economic development.

Message from the Senior Vice President for Research

Confronting Global Challenges

Rutgers faculty's research, scholarship, and creative endeavors pave the way for innovative solutions to global issues. Our faculty, students, and staff continue to make us proud as they strive for excellence in their fields of study. The continued growth of the Rutgers research and innovation enterprise results from our dedication to New Jersey and the global community. Whether we are tackling global climate change, reducing Alzheimer's risk, or discovering new treatments for diseases, they pave the way for innovation and seek to improve our world. 

I am excited by our record year, generating nearly $930 million of sponsored award funding. However, our research footprint extends well beyond finances. With 93 new licensing agreements signed, Rutgers researchers are showcasing their impact on a global scale. 

I am proud of the continued achievements of our faculty, staff, and students. The Office for Research is committed to supporting and being a part of each researcher’s team. 

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Rutgers Research by the Numbers

Fiscal Year 2023

in Research Grants and Sponsored Programs
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Research Awards

Rutgers Innovation by the Numbers

Fiscal Year 2023

New Inventions
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Total Number of Start-ups