Systems and Applications

Rutgers eResearch Systems

Get quick and easy access to the electronic systems used in the administration of research at Rutgers.


Research Administration and Proposal Submission System 

RAPSS is used for all submission, review, approval and tracking of funding proposals and related budgets for research at Rutgers.

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Electronic Institutional Review Board (eIRB)

The eIRB system is used for the routing and tracking of IRB submissions.

PI Checkbook

The Office for Research's PI Checkbook allows Principal Investigators to easily access their award balances from their desktops, mobile devices, and tablets and view their sponsored award balances and expense details. 

Course Registration System

Researchers can register for hands-on and virtual laboratory training courses in Comparative Medicine Resources. 

Electronic Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (eIACUC)

The eIACUC system is used for the routing and tracking of IACUC submissions and for facilities reservations. 

Animal Research Clearance (ARC) Questionnaire

To protect our researchers and the animals in our care, all researchers, including faculty, staff and students, must be cleared before working with animals. 

Electronic Conflict of Interest (eCOI+)

The eCOI+ application is a financial disclosure routing and tracking system. The system increases the efficiency of the administrative processes for review of financial disclosures.

Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT)

The ECRT system facilitates the University's effort certification and reporting process for financial compliance. 

Institutional Prior Approval System (IPAS) 

IPAS is the Rutgers mechanism to request post-award actions on all sponsored programs.


MyREHS is a portal for all online databases related to Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety (REHS), including the Biosafety and Radiation Safety databases. 

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