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Commercialize Your Innovation

Driving a Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Rutgers

From Ideas to Impact

Our mission at Innovation Ventures is to partner with the Rutgers community to encourage deliberate innovation, protect and leverage Rutgers intellectual property, foster collaboration with industry, and enable entrepreneurship.

Global Patents Issued

Fiscal Year 2019

Active Startups
$15.3 Million
in Licensing Revenue

Fiscal Year 2019

Invention Disclosures

Fiscal Year 2019

Disclose Your Invention

Our team is dedicated to helping you transition your technologies and copyrighted materials from research to commercial viability.

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Protect Your Idea

Intellectual property is an intangible asset that has financial value and is protected through patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret laws. Partner with our team to protect your ideas and learn more about the licensing process. 


Commercialization Funding

Innovative, early-stage research often requires financial and business development support to advance them towards commercialization. Explore some of the funding opportunities available at Rutgers.  

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Launch a Startup

Startups can be an exciting and rewarding path to commercializing an innovation. Partner with our experts to navigate the course. 

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Meet the Innovation Ventures Team

Staffed by scientists and IP experts with industry experience, the Innovation Ventures team is dedicated to transforming research at Rutgers into products, services and partnerships for the public good, generating value for the University and New Jersey.

As your partner, the team will guide your research from proof of concept through patenting, licensing and commercialization. 

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Available Technologies

Looking for an invention or technology to commercialize? Explore our portfolio of technologies available for licensing.

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What is TechAdvance?

TechAdvance is an early-stage-technology fund that provides financial support and business expertise for Rutgers faculty and students to advance promising technologies toward commercialization.

TechAdvance - Rutgers Research

TechAdvance Program - Rutgers Research

TechAdvance supports Rutgers researchers to advance their innovative technologies toward commercialization while providing unique opportunities to present their ideas to mentors, partners and investors. Hear from four TechAdvance award recipients and see how TechAdvance funding is helping them to transform their ideas into products that will make a positive impact on the world around us.