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Inventions & Commercialization

Driving a Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Rutgers through technology transfer.

From Ideas to Impact

Tech Transfer's purpose is to partner with the Rutgers community to encourage deliberate innovation, protect and leverage Rutgers intellectual property, foster collaboration with industry, and enable entrepreneurship.

Global Patents Issued

Fiscal Year 2023

Active Startups

Fiscal Year 2023

$12.7 Million
in Licensing Revenue

Fiscal Year 2023

Invention Disclosures

Fiscal Year 2023

In Case You Missed It...

Technology Transfer Road to Commercialization Symposium Series: How to Accelerate Your Commercialization Success with Non-Dilutive Funding

This webinar explores non-dilutive funding, a financing option that allows innovators to maximize their equity or ownership, as well as the resources Technology Transfer provides, from founders and researchers who have launched startups and successfully secured non-dilutive funding.

Technology Transfer Road to Commercialization Symposium Series: License to an Existing Company or Launch a Startup

This webinar highlights how our team works with innovators to decide between launching a startup and licensing to an existing company, why a startup may be the right choice, what does it mean to be a founder of a startup and the available resources at Technology Transfer to help along the way (NetID required to view video).

Technology Transfer Road to Commercialization Symposium: Effective Partnerships with Industry

This webinar focuses on how industry partners evaluate research collaborations and technology licensing opportunities: the type of data they look for, how to speak their language and what questions to expect.

Technology Transfer Road to Commercialization Symposium Series: R U Protecting Your Innovative Idea

In this webinar, hear from prolific faculty researchers about how they developed their technologies, engaged with Technology Transfer, secured commercialization focused funding, and attracted industry interest to advance the commercialization of their innovative ideas.

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