Molecular Imaging Core Publications

Recent Publications

Lead Author: Hatafi, 2021
Title: Gadolinium-labeled affibody-XTEN recombinant vector for detection of HER2+ lesions of ovarian cancer lung metastasis using quantitative MRI
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Lead Author: Azzam, 2021
Title: Modeling bystander effects that cause growth delay of breast cancer xenografts in bone marrow of mice treated with radium-223
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Lead Author: Tischfield, 2021
Title: The growth and expansion of meningeal lymphatic networks are affected in craniosynostosis
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Lead Author: Nagajyoth, 2021
Title: Fat tissue regulates the pathogenesis and severity of cardiomyopathy in murine chagas disease
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Lead Author: Moghe, 2021
Title: Extracellular vesicle molecular signatures characterize metastatic dynamicity in ovarian cancer
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