In Vivo Research Services Staff

Shohreh Miller

Director, In Vivo Research Services

Raymond Rosa

Laboratory Researcher

Jiadong Li

Laboratory Researcher

Kelly Mulraney

Veterinary Technologist

About Us

The mission of the In Vivo Research Services (IVRS) is to provide in vivo research using variety of animal species for both academic and industry clients.  Rutgers offers competitive fee-for-service pricing, confidentiality, accuracy, and rapid service. The IVRS team possess over 100 years of experience in translational research and is dedicated to humane animal research. We also provide additional services such as consultation, trainings, experimental design, protocol preparation and on-site blood analysis services.

Animal Care and Facilities

Rutgers possesses state of the art barrier animal facilities with the highest standards of animal husbandry and pathogen exclusion. Animal research projects are supported by an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Rutgers animal facilities are USDA-registered and accredited by AAALAC International. Rutgers has an Animal Welfare Assurance with the US Public Health Service (PHS), a requirement for conducting any PHS/NIH-funded animal work. Rutgers has animal facilities suitable for rodents and large animal species including BSL 2, 3, and gnotobiotic facilities.

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In Vivo Research Services
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