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Recent Publications

Authors: Hershey JD, Gifford JJ, Zizza L, Pavlenko D, Wagner GC, and Miller S. 2018
Title: The effect of various cleaning agents on performance of mice in common behavioral assays of anxiety
PublicationJournal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science 57(4): 335-339

Authors: Hershey J and Miller S. 2016
Title: Correlation between surface temperature and core body temperature and the effect of exogenous heat during anesthesia in rats
PublicationLaboratory Animal Science Professional (LAS Pro), March:40-43

Authors: Simhadri, S, Peterson, S., Patel, D, le Masson, F., Huo, Y.,  Cai, H.,  Bowman-Colin, C., Miller, S. Barnard, N., Ludwig, T., Ganesan, S., Bhaumik, M., Bunting, S., Jasin ,M., and Xia ,B.  2014
Title: Fanconi Anemia-like Phenotype Associated with a Disruption of BRCA1-PALB2 Interaction in Mice
PublicationJournal of Biological Chemistry, 289:24617-29