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Core facilities play an integral role in our research infrastructure, empowering researchers to break new ground by offering specialized laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, unique instrumentation and shared services managed by scientists with the technical expertise and experience to help others. Learn more



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  • Advanced Microsopy Shared Resource

    Featuring state-of-the-art microscopy equipment including the laser scanning confocal microscope, laser capture microdissection system, live cell and time-lapse imaging and a variety of upright, inverted fluorescent microscopes, the Advanced Microscopy shared resource provides our fellow researchers access to the cutting-edge imaging technology for enhancing their basic, clinical or translational studies of human diseases and biomedical experiments using either fixed or live cells or tissues.

    Key Resources

    Confocal microscopy; fluorescence microscopy; time-lapse microscopy

    Location New Brunswick/Piscataway
    Contact Name

    Eileen White

    Contact Email epwhite@rutgers.edu
  • Zebrafish are known to be an excellent vertebrate model system for biological studies such as genetics and toxicology. Comparative Medicine Resources (CMR) hosts a Core Zebrafish Facility located at Nelson Biological laboratories consisting of six Aquaneering racks and one Tecniplast rack in Smithers Hall for Quarantine imports. Principal Investigators can house their research fish while CMR staff provide exemplary daily husbandry care from larval stage through adulthood. Our goal is healthy and productive research fish for your studies.

    Key Resources Breeding and embryo collection; one-cell stage injection; fin-clipping; fluorescent screening; and tank set-ups.
    Location New Brunswick/Piscataway