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Core facilities play an integral role in our research infrastructure, empowering researchers to break new ground by offering specialized laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, unique instrumentation and shared services managed by scientists with the technical expertise and experience to help others.



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  • The Waksman Institute Shared Imaging Facility provides training and consultation for the independent use of four advanced fluorescence microscopes. The Facility microscopes include the Leica TCS SP8 confocal, Leica TCS Stellaris8 confocal, Andor Dragonfly spinning disk confocal, Zeiss Elyra7 SIM super resolution, and two computer workstations.

    Key Resources Confocal microscopy; FRET; FRAP
    Location New Brunswick/Piscataway
    Contact Name Nanci Kane
  • MIcro Nanofabrication Facility

    The Weeks Hall Nanofabrication Core Facility offers measurement instrumentation, wet processes and majority of process tools for a range of research activities. The core objectives of the Facility include supporting research activities of Rutgers School of Engineering, educating students and postdocs with skills and capabilities that can be readily applied in high-tech semiconductor industries and research institutes, promoting research collaborations between research centers and industrial organizations, bringing in Research Incomes through Grants, User Access Fee and Trainings and leading the applications of federal and state-funded competitive fundings.

    Key Resources
    • Fabrication Tools: Atomic Layer Deposition, Ebeam #1, Ebeam #2, MOCVD, PECVD_Plasma Therm, PECVD_Unaxis, Reactive Ion Etch, Reactive Ion Etch, Rapid Thermal Anneal, Sputter_Denton-DV502, Sputter_Sys & Des Fab, Sputter_Denton, Furnace_Boron, Furnace_Phosphorus, Furnace_Oxidation, Furnace_Anneal/FGA, Plasma Treatment_Barrel Etcher, UVozone Cleaner, Dicing Saw_Disco, Dicing Saw_K&S, Laser Scribing, Marking and Ablation (Innotech), Thermal Evaporator (Logitek), Wafer Spin Rinse Dryer, Photoresist Spinner (Laurel), Mask Aligner (Karl-Suss MJB3)
    • Wet Chemical Process: Silicon Etch (HF:HNO3), Silicon Etch (TMAH), Silicon Surface Texturing (TMAH), Caro Etch (H2SO4:H2O2), Aluminum Etch (H4PO4:HNO3:CH3COOH), RCA Clean (NH3:H2O2:H2O, HCL:H2O2:H2O), Palladium Etch (CH3COOH:HNO3:HCL), Boiling HNO3 for oxide growth, Buffered Oxide Etch, Silver Etch (HNO3), Oxide/Nitride Etch (HF fume)
    • Characterization Tools:Detek Non-Contact Profilometer, 4-Point-Probe (Ossila), Film Metric, Optical Microscope, UV & Solar Simulator, Scanning Electron Microscope
    Location New Brunswick/Piscataway
    Contact Name Ngwe Zin
    Contact Email ngwe.zin@rutgers.edu