Inventor(s): Joel S. Freundlich, David Alland, Matthew B. Neiditch, Pradeep Kumar, Glenn Capodagli, Daigo Inoyama, Divya Awasthi

Awarded: August 2021


The proposed solution will be the addition of JSF-3285 to a drug regimen for the treatment of drug-sensitive and/or drug-resistant tuberculosis. JSF-3285 is a small molecule inhibitor of the essential enzyme KasA of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Currently, KasA inhibiting drugs are absent in clinical and approved drug therapies for tuberculosis.  A JSF-3285–containing regimen could represent an improvement over the current standard of care in that it could offer a shorter therapy for a drug-sensitive infection and/or a treatment for drug-resistant infection/s previously deemed untreatable or difficult-to-treat.

Market Applications:

  • Drug-sensitive tuberculosis
  • Drug-resistant tuberculosis