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Core facilities play an integral role in our research infrastructure, empowering researchers to break new ground by offering specialized laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, unique instrumentation and shared services managed by scientists with the technical expertise and experience to help others. Learn more



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  • Digtial Imaging and Confocal Core

    The facility provide advanced microscope systems for optical imaging of live and fixed samples It has two scanning Confocal systems, all attached to inverted microscopes. Each of these systems has unique imaging capabilities beyond those of the traditional confocal microscope, but samples must be prepared on sealed slides, chamber slides or chamber/dish with coverslip bottom.

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    Key Resources Confocal microscopy; optical imaging; imaging; pathology services
    Location Newark
    Contact Name Luke Fritzky
  • CAHBIR Image

    The Center provides state of the art human magnetic resonance imaging with a research dedicated 3T scanner. The facility was created by the Brain Health Institute in order to further clinical neuroscience efforts at Rutgers. The Center aims to facilitate high quality neuroscience research aimed at understanding brain -behavior relationships in both health and disease.

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    Key Resources
    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging with and without staff support (Reservation of magnet/control room time)
    • Contrast injection for MRI (including nurse support)
    • Technical support (programming and analysis)
    • Neuroradiological evaluation of scans
    • Mock scanner (reservation of time)
    Location New Brunswick/Piscataway
    Contact Name David H. Zald
    Contact Email david.zald@rutgers.edu
  • The CAPR facility is equipped with state-of-the-art proteomics instruments and bioinformatics systems for protein structure and function analysis.

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    Key Resources Mass spectrometry; protein identification and characterization; protein mixture quantitation; liquid chromatography; HPLC
    Location Newark
    Contact Name Hong Li
    Contact Email liho2@njms.rutgers.edu
  • The Rutgers-Princeton Center for Computational Cognitive NeuroPsychiatry (CCNP) was established to allow for researcher-friendly and rapid collection of data from human participants performing cognitive neuroscience-based tasks. Data collected at the CCNP will serve as the foundation for computational modeling efforts and other approaches to discovery, as a means to accelerate and improve our understanding of the psychological and biological mechanisms involved in mental illness and its treatment.

    Key Resources The CCNP has access to large samples of individuals with psychiatric conditions, as well as to psychiatrically healthy subjects.
    Location New Brunswick/Piscataway
    Contact Name Anna Konova
    Contact Email CCNP@ubhc.rutgers.edu
  • Chemical Analysis Facility Core

    The EOHSI Chemical Analysis Facility Core (CAF) is a state-of-the-art chromatographic and mass spectrometric facility designed to support the Institute’s investigators and collaborators with methods development for assays of environmental contaminants or their metabolites.

    Key Resources

    Mass spectrometry; chromatography; small molecule; metabolomics; organic analysis; inorganic analysis; HPLC

    Location New Brunswick/Piscataway
    Contact Name

    Brian T.Buckley

  • The Adult Clinical Research Center (CRC) is a comprehensive center whose mission is to support clinical and translational research throughout Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. The CRC provides access to highly trained and dedicated research staff with expertise in Phase I – IV clinical trials.

    Key Resources Clinical trial study coordination; research nursing; IRB support; clinical testing; investigational drug service
    Location New Brunswick/Piscataway
    Contact Name Sherri Gzemski
  • Clinical Research Unit

    The New Jersey Medical School Clinical Research Unit (CRU) is a core facility, available to support NJMS faculty in their clinical research endeavors.

    Key Resources

    Clinical trial study coordination; research nursing; IRB support; clinical testing

    Location Newark
    Contact Name

    Nancy Reilly

  • Rutgers comprehensive program of animal care includes protocol review, a duly-constituted animal care committee, occupational health and laboratory safety, and full-time veterinary care. Our animal care facilities are USDA-registered and accredited by AAALACi, an association widely recognized for its standards of excellence in laboratory animal care and has an Animal Welfare Assurance with the US Public Health Service (PHS), a requirement for conducting any PHS/NIH-funded animal work. Animal Care works closely with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUC) to provide the highest quality animal care and veterinary oversight of our research animals in support of this commitment to humane animal research.

    Key Resources
    • Veterinarian Services Assist research staff with development of new animal models and protocols; Ensure appropriate surgical and postsurgical care is provided; Provide instruction and advice regarding handling and restraint, anesthetic and analgesic drug selection; Health monitoring which includes disease prevention and regular surveillance; Diagnosis, treatment and resolution for sick animals
    • Veterinary Technical Services Anesthesia support; Breeding and weaning; Animal identification – ear tag, ear notch, tattoo, microchip; Tissue collection for genotyping; Sample collection – blood, urine, other tissues; Dosing; Medical treatments; Drug and supplies ordering; Euthanasia; Training on animal handling, procedures, anesthesia, aseptic surgical techniques, and other as required; Surgical Services
    • Husbandry Services Cage changing and cage washing; Providing water and food to animals; Cleaning and maintenance of animal rooms, equipment and facilities; Receiving animal shipments and transferring animals to cages to their rooms
    Location Other
    Contact Name Jeetendra Eswaraka
  • Confocal microscopy permits one to optically section a fluorescent sample (such as a cell that has been stained with contrasting fluorescent dyes) with superior resolution by using a pinhole to reject light that originates outside of the chosen area. By collecting a series of such images through the depth of a sample, the user may assemble a highly accurate three-dimensional reconstruction of the entire sample.

    The SP8 TCS confocal microscope allows users to make proper and detailed observations of fast biological processes. The benefits of super-resolution, high-speed imaging, and the capability to image multiple fluorescent markers simultaneously. With the use of LIGHTNING, users can trace the dynamics of multiple molecules, even those expressed at low levels, simultaneously over long recording times in living specimens. Quantitative imaging methods such as Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) are available. The facility maintains workstations with software packages for image processing.

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    Key Resources Leica SP8 TCS SMD with an Argon laser, Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS), Lightning Resolution, Single Molecule Detection(SMD), and FRAP capabilities; Leica SP8 TCS with LAS-X software package
    Location Camden
    Contact Name Sarah Johnson
    Contact Email sarahsm@rutgers.edu
  • The Rutgers-Eagleton Poll is a statewide telephone survey that measures public opinion about politics and policy in New Jersey. Founded in 1971, the poll which is conducted by the Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling, examines everything from job approval ratings for presidents, governors and senators to attitudes regarding property taxes, public corruption, homeland security and a host of other issues.

    Key Resources Identification of research objectives; Telephone, Internet, and mail surveys; Focus groups; In-depth interviewing; Questionnaire design; Sample design; Data analysis; Customized reports; GIS mapping; Presentations to news media and the public; Press kits; Omnibus polls serving multiple clients with one survey
    Location New Brunswick/Piscataway
    Contact Name Ashley Koning, Ph.D.
    Contact Email akoning@rutgers.edu