Submission Deadlines

IRB Meeting Date Board Submission Deadline

  • Meeting Date Board Meeting Team Submission Deadline
    6/29/2022 Board D 6/15/2022
    7/6/2022 Executive 6/22/2022
    7/13/2022 Board A 6/29/2022
    7/20/2022 Board B 7/6/2022
    7/27/2022 Board C 7/13/2022
    8/3/2022 Executive 7/20/2022
    8/10/2022 Board A 7/27/2022
    8/17/2022 Board B 8/3/2022
    8/24/2022 Board C 8/10/2022
    8/31/2022 Board D 8/17/2022
    9/7/2022 Executive 8/24/2022
    9/14/2022 Board A 8/31/2022
    9/21/2022 Board B 9/7/2022
    9/28/2022 Board C 9/14/2022
    10/5/2022 Executive 9/21/2022
    10/12/2022 Board A 9/28/2022
    10/19/2022 Board B 10/5/2022
    10/26/2022 Board C 10/12/2022
    11/2/2022 Executive 10/19/2022
    11/9/2022 Board A 10/26/2022
    11/16/2022 Board B & C 11/2/2022
    11/30/2022 Board D 11/16/2022
    12/7/2022 Executive 11/23/2022
    12/14/2022 Board A 11/30/2022
    12/21/2022 Board B & C 12/7/2022


Submission Guidance

All Minimal Risk (MR) Review Requests have no Deadline. Exempt & Expedited Submissions are sent for review when received.

Submissions deadlines are set to allow for sufficient time for IRB Board reviewers to review each submission. Reviewers must ensure that risks to participants are minimized and are reasonable considering potential benefits, that selection of participants is equitable, and that the protocol includes provisions to protect participants' privacy, monitor their safety, and keep their information confidential. Please plan ahead and submit a completed application package early.

IRB staff can not accommodate late submissions (regardless of reason). Submissions received after deadlines will be processed for the next review cycle.

Tips to Avoid Approval Delays:

  • Respond promptly to clarifications/revisions requested by IRB.
  • Do not submit an incomplete or incorrect submission because it will require new changes before acceptance by IRB.
  • Submitted documents (e.g. Consent form) should be in the correct format and written at the same reading level as the audience. The IRB provides document templates to assist the PI.
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