Research With Rutgers FAQs

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  • is an online gateway that allows entrepreneurs and commercial enterprises to identify experts, facilities, publications, intellectual property, news, and events in the STEM-related fields at five of the state’s universities: Rutgers University, Princeton University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Montclair State University, and Rowan University.

    The publicly available, free online portal will showcase up to 5,000 researchers from the five participating universities and allow users to access information related to publications; published patents; physical university assets, including lab space and equipment; federal funding sources; and job, internship and professional development opportunities.

  • serves to increase innovation exchange, establish greater collaboration between academia and industry, aid universities in managing research enterprise, and help to market New Jersey as a center of innovation.

  • The genesis of the initiative stems from a 2010 report issued by the New Jersey Policy and Research Organization, which included key recommendations to advance collaborative opportunities between academia and industry.  The Legislature and Governor subsequently authorized $1.5 million in the Fiscal Year 2017 state budget to support development of the database. In July 2017, Elsevier, a global information and analytics company, was selected to create the database following a competitive RFP process led by the New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE) and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA). 

    The database is also supported by six of New Jersey’s leading business and industry organizations: New Jersey Business & Industry Association; Choose NJ; Bio NJ; HealthCare Institute of New Jersey; Research and Development Council of New Jersey; and New Jersey Tech Council.

  • Each of the participating universities on has its own portal with information that can be found through the statewide site. is our university-specific version of the database and will only return Rutgers results for a search query, rather than results from all five universities. Our goal is to showcase Rutgers’ leading research experts and facilities, enhance the visibility of our research output, and increase opportunities for collaboration.

  • and are powered by Pure, a research information management solution that aggregates an organization's research information from numerous internal and external sources onto a single platform. Pure can connect and group multiple forms of data. The system is a product built and maintained by Elsevier, a global information analytics company.

  • Searching Research with Rutgers is easy! The database allows you to:

    Search by Person:  You can search for experts under the “Profiles” tab. Profile outputs provide basic information about an expert such as their affiliations as well as the various “fingerprints” or specific disciplines and sub-disciplines of their expertise. The “donut” icons next to each fingerprint reveal the extent to which the selected expert has done work in that discipline. You can then scroll down to the “network” section of the page to see how the selected expert is connected to other researchers. This reveals the extent to which research collaboration has occurred across disciplines and regions of the world.  At the bottom of the page, a list of the selected expert’s publications - referred to as “research outputs” - appear and can be clicked to see individual abstracts.

    Search by Research Units:  You can search the database by “Research Units,” which refers to the separate divisions, departments, institutes, labs, centers, offices, and other functions of the university. By clicking on a specific research unit, you can use the top header row hyperlinks to view all the expert profiles, research outputs (or publications), and fingerprints associated with that research unit.

    Search by Publications:  Searching by “Research output” allows you to search for a range of publications by keywords, phrases, concepts, free text, and various filters. You can further evaluate the search results by reviewing the weights under each fingerprint associated with a particular research output. Each publication includes complete citations and information regarding the university and research units associated with it. 

  • While Research with New Jersey and Research with Rutgers are free and open to the public, the most likely users include corporations, entrepreneurs, students, and media. Corporations and entrepreneurs, both in-state and out-of-state, will use the portal to identify experts for consultation and potential partnerships in many of the STEM industries. The portal is also a tool to help them assess New Jersey’s research capacities when considering relocation and the development of a regional presence in the state. Finding the right experts and research facilities can often make the critical difference between the success or failure in the development of new products and services.

    Students may also use the portal to learn more about the university’s STEM experts, specializations, departments, and much more. The portal gives students the unique opportunity to see what types of research the universities are engaging in on a detailed level, which in turn may help guide them in shaping their own future and academic goals. 

  • All tenured and tenure-track science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) faculty AND clinical and independent non-tenure-track faculty who have a track record of being the lead Principal Investigator on major grants (excluding training grants) are included. 

    For Rutgers Faculty: If you would like to be added to the database, please complete and submit an Application Form. Your request will be reviewed before the next update.

  • Publication information is derived from Scopus. New publications are added to profiles quarterly.

  • While your profile information was aggregated using Elsevier’s Pure algorithm, you may want to make some updates, add your profile photo, or other information to your profile. Please e-mail to request access to edit your profile.

  • Research with Rutgers is managed and maintained by the Office for Research .

  • To learn more about Research with Rutgers, please contact

    If you would like more information about Research with New Jersey or have technical problems with the database itself, please contact