On July 1, 2022, all RBHS-affiliated schools/units will begin using the RBHS Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) of YVVTQD8CJC79 for all new proposal submissions and competitive renewals. This UEI is associated with the Rutgers Employer Identification Number (EIN) of 226001086 and the NIH Institution Profile # (IPF) 10034168. Current active awards will be transferred to the new entity on their anniversary date. For NIH, this transfer will be handled as a Type 7 administrative transfer to the new RBHS UEI at the RPPR/noncompeting continuation state.

Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) in the Office for Research will be leading the transfer to the new RBHS DUNS/UEI. Please do not reach out to the sponsor directly with questions. Work with your RSP Contract / Grant Specialist to address concerns.

Accordion Content

    1. NIH – Researchers must be affiliated with the new Institutional Profile (10034168) in NIH’s eRA Commons portal. The Office for Research is working with the RBHS Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Research Office and the research deans at the affected schools to identify all individuals who must be affiliated with the new entity. The Office for Research will begin the affiliation process for each individual. The individual will receive an email from eRA Commons when the new affiliation is complete. Once notification is received each individual will need to update their personal profile in the eRA Commons system.

      Instructions for updating profiles as well as changing the displayed affiliated institution:

           a. Manage Personal Profile
           b. Changing Displayed Affiliated Institution
    2. Additional Sponsor Registration – Please visit RBHS UEI Sponsor Registration for Faculty for additional sponsor registration / association instructions.
    1. Just-in-Time (JIT) Request

      Upon receipt of a JIT indicating a good possibility of funding, the RSP Grant Specialist (GS) will request transfer to the new entity and provide appropriate documentation. Working with the sponsor, the RSP GS will manage the transfer of the proposal under consideration.

    2. Awards received after July 1, 2022

      • For awards received after July 1, 2022, that are affiliated with the old UEI/RBHS entity, RSP GS will request transfer to the new UEI/correct entity prior to award account set up.

      • The RSP GS will move the RAPSS Funding Proposal record to a state of “Award Anticipated” so the PI/Proposal Team can request an advance account.  This will prevent delays while waiting for new paperwork from the sponsor indicating the correct RBHS UEI.

      • After the new NOA is received, award set up will continue as usual.

    3. NIH Resubmissions, Renewals and New Supplementary Requests

      • PI to submit 424 cover page with the new RBHS UEI and legal address.  Applicant is “Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences”.

      • RSP GS will prepare a relinquishment letter and will upload with cover letter (if available) in the SF424 cover page as one pdf document.

      • Change of Institution” must be marked on the PHS 398 Cover Page Supplement Form in the SF424 application.

    4. Incoming Subawards

      • For incoming new subawards indicating the old UEI/RBHS entity, RSP GS will work with the Pass-through Entity (PTE) to document the change in entity to the new RBHS UEI.

      • RSP staff will upload information in RAPSS and move the Funding Proposal record to “Award Anticipated” so that the PI/Proposal Team may request an advance account. This will prevent delays in spending.

      • Once a new notice of award is obtained from the PTE, the award set up process will continue as usual.

    1. The new RBHS UEI (YVVTQD8CJC79) must be utilized for all new RBHS submissions and RBHS competitive renewals on and after July 1, 2022, to all sponsors.
    2. Proposals that were submitted prior to July 1, 2022, but awarded after July 1, 2022, will be transferred to the new UEI at time of award prior to account set up and spending.
    3. Investigators should submit proposals through the department/unit that will be administering the award.
    4. Investigators affiliated with the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy will begin using the new RBHS UEI (YVVTQD8CJC79), rather than the Rutgers-New Brunswick UEI (M1LVPE5GLSD9), beginning July 1, 2022, for new proposal submissions.
    5. Rutgers Research Administration Proposal Submission System (RAPSS) will be updated to include the new EIN/UEI which will be carried over to the SF424 Forms. This information will also be updated on the Institutional Information Quick Facts sheet.
    6. Limited Submissions Process – Information coming soon.
    1. RBHS Active Awards – All RBHS active awards will be converted to the new RBHS UEI using a Type 7 administrative transfer on their anniversary date for NIH awards. To determine NIH awards with progress report due dates in the upcoming 3 months, please visit https://public.era.nih.gov/commons/public/quickqueries/index.era and search using the eRA Commons Institutional Profile (IPF) that your school or unit was using in eRA Commons prior to the RBHS UEI consolidation (see table below):
      NIH IPF 10034166 1196203^ 10034169 10034160 10034172 10034170 10034173 10034174 10034175

      *certain institutes/units, such as UBHC, used the general RBHS IPF for NIH submissions
      ^EMSOP used the Rutgers-New Brunswick IPF for NIH submissions prior to this RBHS UEI consolidation
      Please refer to Guidance for Faculty and Administration Support Staff for Active RBHS NIH Awards for further information.
    2. No-Cost Extension – RBHS awards in NCE status will NOT be transferred to the new RBHS UEI but allowed to expire.
    3. RBHS Supplements – All RBHS supplements will be transferred to the new RBHS UEI when the prime RBHS award converts to the new RBHS UEI.
    4. Incoming RBHS Subawards – The RSP Contract/Grant Specialist will inform the Pass-Through Entity (PTE) that the UEI has changed. It is anticipated that the PTE may have to issue a new subaward. Attention must be given to remaining balances to ensure that unspent funds are reallocated into the new incoming subaward (if applicable)
    5. Other Modifications to RBHS Active Awards – Requests for Prior Approvals (including but not limited to change in PI, change in SOW, re-budgeting between categories that require Sponsor’s prior approval, addition of new subawardees, etc.) will be made to the existing award without transferring the award to new RBHS entity. The awards will be transferred only on their anniversary date.
    6. Prior Approval of Carryover funds (applicable when expanded authority is not applicable to an RBHS active award) – Prior approval requests for carryover funds will be made after the award is transferred to the new consolidated RBHS entity.
    1. Outgoing Subawards under Newly Issued RBHS Awards

      • New Subawards related to newly issued RBHS awards under RBHS UEI YVVTQD8CJC79 will be issued following the existing RSP process.

      • The process for any New Subawards related to new awards originally issued under an RBHS UEI other than YVVTQD8CJC79 will be initiated once the respective RAPSS AWD record is at "Advance Account" status to allow time to develop the Subaward agreement and manage any needed negotiations by the time the NOA with RBHS UEI YVVTQD8CJC79 is issued by the Sponsor. Once the RAPSS AWD is at "Active" status, the complete subaward package will be emailed to the Subrecipient.

    2. Outgoing Subawards under Existing RBHS Awards (non-competing continuations)

      The change of the UEI number will be addressed once the Type 7 non-competing continuation NOA has been received.

      • A new subaward number will be assigned in RAPSS.

      • A new subaward agreement with the same terms and conditions originally negotiated will be prepared.

      • The period of performance of the new subaward agreement will be the period of performance of the Type 7 NOA.

      • The amount obligated on the new subaward agreement will be the amount requested by the Subrecipient (and approved by the PI) for the period of performance of the Type 7 NOA.

      • F&A on the first $25,000 of the new subaward will NOT be applied (if F&A has already been applied on the first $25,000 of the old subaward)

      • A new Subrecipient Commitment form / Letter of Intent (LOI) is NOT required.  Instead, the Subcontract Modification Checklist is considered sufficient. Please include "RBHS UEI Consolidation, Continuation project period and New Subaward agreement required" in the "Comment" section of the form.

      • A new Project String form is required.

      • The new subaward agreement will be emailed to the Subrecipient informing them of the change and the reason behind it.

      • Upon execution of the subaward agreement and issuance of the new purchase order (PO), the complete subaward package will be sent to the Subrecipient.

    3. What happens to the old subaward (under the previous RBHS UEI number)?
      • The old subaward agreement will expire automatically on the end date of its period of performance.
      • Upon payment of the final invoice under the related PO, the Department must request closure of the PO in the Procurement system and inform the RSP subaward team via RAPSS of the unspent balance that must be added to the new PO.
      • The unspent balance will be added to the new Subaward in the form of a subaward modification (Carryover Authorized) once the Final Financial Report (FFR) is submitted by Research Financial Services (RFS), approved by NIH, the residual balance has been transferred to the proper RBHS account in the Payment Management Services (PMS) system, and the RAPSS AWD record has been updated.
      • For Non-SNAP awards, the remaining balance will be added to the new Subaward in the form of a subaward modification once Sponsor’s prior approval of the carryover amount has been received and the RAPSS AWD record has been updated.
    • As awards are transferred, Research and Financial Services (RFS) may be required to close out your existing award.  As such, it becomes extremely important to apply all costs to your award in a timely fashion so RFS can close out and transfer your award without any confusion or delays.
    • Your RFS Grant Accountant will work with you to ensure that your expenses are recognized on the award in a timely fashion so that the Final Financial Report (FFR) can be filed on time. Confirming the unobligated balance is important at the anniversary date of your award.
    • Principal investigators are encouraged to work with their collaborators to strengthen spending plans leading up to the anniversary date of the award.
    • Updating your project spending plans will be important throughout this process. Please be sure to update your employee charging instructions, purchase orders, etc, as new projects are issued.

    Your patience is most appreciated as delays are expected while we navigate through this transition. Please visit Accounting Specialists to identify the name and contact information for your RFS accounting specialist.

  • Awards from Corporate and Non-Profit Sponsors – Awards that expire by 06/30/2023 do not need to be amended. Awards that are made with federal dollars (i.e. federal flow-through) that continue beyond 06/30/2023, will be modified to indicate the new RBHS entity information (Unique Entity Identifier/DUNS) for the new consolidated RBHS entity. Research and Sponsored Programs will send letters to the sponsors indicating the change. Investigators and departmental staff do not need to reach out to the sponsor to affect the change.