General FAQs

  • The NIH resubmission and renewal cycle begins July 5th, 2022 for R01 and U01, followed by K-series and then R03/R21, etc. in mid-July.  RBHS Applicants must use the new EIN/UEI numbers on resubmission and competitive renewals.

  • Yes.

  • The new UEI/DUNS should NOT be used prior to July 1, 2022, even if the award will not be made until after July 1. Please continue to use your usual UEI/DUNS for submissions through June 30, 2022.  The same holds true if RBHS is a subrecipient.

  • For limited submission opportunities, only one will be permitted from the RBHS UEI/DUNS. Previously, we were competing against each other within RBHS, which will no longer be an issue. Since all four chancellor-lead units within Rutgers have their own UEI’s (Rutgers-New Brunswick, Rutgers-Newark, Rutgers-Camden and RBHS), each will be able to apply to limited submissions independently.  Processes for selecting which proposal may be submitted in response to a funding opportunity is specific to each chancellor unit.

  • The official physical address associated with RBHS should be listed on all forms:

    Name:  Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences
    Address:  Stanley S. Bergen Building, 65 Bergen Street, Suite 538, Newark, NJ  07107-3001

    The official mailing address for notice of award or administrative matters is:

    Name:  Research and Sponsored Programs
    Institution:  Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    Address:  33 Knightsbridge Road, 2nd Floor East, Piscataway, NJ  08854-3925

  • Yes, the RAPSS Systems defaults to the NJ-010 associated with the Address.  RBHS Newark Schools will remain NJ-010 as pre-populated in RAPSS and RBHS New Brunswick Schools if they choose, can edit the field under application information to reflect the congressional district of NJ-006.

  • No, the banking information will not change. Please continue to use the following:
    Institutional Account Name: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    Account Type: Checking
    Account Number: 2030000112270
    ACH Routing Number: 121000248
    Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank N.A.
    Bank Address: 190 River Rd. Summit, NJ MAC J2153-03E

  • This information is prepopulated in the SF424 forms and must be left as is. If Faculty/Staff choose, they can manually update the name of the Institution for the PI in the SF424 R&R Cover Page under the Section “Project Director/Principal Investigator Contact Information”. They can also manually update the name of the Institution in the Research & Related Senior Person Profile Form both for the PI and any other key personnel. We have determined that this will not cause any errors for the submission.

  • The RAPSS profile is generated from a Human Resources feed. There is limited information that can be updated in the RAPSS profile. It is recommended that Faculty and Staff update telephone,  e-mail address so that this information populates forms correctly. To update RAPSS Profile complete the following:  Log into RAPSS, click on your name in the top right corner, select profile and update information in open fields as necessary.

  • All current RBHS Faculty and Staff with an eRA Commons account has been affiliated with the new RBHS commons profile. Faculty and Staff are encouraged to update their commons account and select Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences as their primary appointment. To update your commons profile complete the following: Login to eRA Commons, make sure to toggle institutions to RBHS (see Changing the Displayed Affiliated Institution), Once you've selected RBHS as the institution select Personal Profile in the left-hand menu. Complete profile summary as necessary.  Selection of Primary Institution is listed under Employment field. See also Managing Personal Profile.

  • No. Currently active RBHS NIH awards will not be relinquished and Type 7 “Change of Institution” applications will not be submitted. Instead, all active RBHS NIH awards will be converted to the new RBHS UEI using the Type 7 Administrative transfer on their anniversary date. The request for the conversion will be submitted as part of the RPPR.

  • Please refer to for guidance and information. Please submit general questions to Specific questions regarding a particular award should be addressed to your RSP Grant Specialist.

  • There will be no need for a new RAPSS FP. The type 7 NOA will be handled as part of the existing RAPSS AWD in the form of modifications. However, a new ORACLE award / Project ID(s) will be issued and the pertinent information will be included in the RAPSS AWD record under the “Financial Accounts” tab.

  • The NIH Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration (OPERA) letter was received on July 8, 2022 and was also distributed by OPERA to the I/Cs internally.  This letter will be used as one of the documentation needed for the RBHS UEI Consolidation request process for all RBHS NIH awards.

NJ SAGE Proposal / Awards FAQs

  • For current opportunities due on or after July 1st, 2022, the RSP Grant Specialist will reach out to SAGE Program Director and request that the opportunity be listed under the “Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences” organization.

  • No. It has been confirmed by SAGE that it is not possible to do it systematically (that is, SAGE won’t transfer applications over in the system).  The proposal will have to remain with the organization it was submitted under.  If awarded, or if Rutgers receives notification that it will be awarded, the RSP Grant Specialist will reach out to the State’s assigned program/grants manager at that time for advice about the potential transfer to the “Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences” organization.

  • It has been confirmed by SAGE that there is no way to do this in bulk.  It has to be a manual process instead.  Hence, once the RSP Grant Specialist creates an application under the “Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences” organization, he/she will need to assign the PI / staff and RFS accountants to the organization and the application.

  • No. Awards already existing or extended in SAGE will not be transferred and will be allowed to expire under the organization they were originally issued.

General Award FAQs

  • Carryforward must be manually added on the Sponsor side to the new award. Until that is completed, we cannot add on our side.

  • There can be a variety of reasons, including:

    • Sponsor did not set up their system to accept an FFR
    • FFR was not approved on Sponsor side yet
    • Vacancies/New staff on Sponsor side
    • Sponsor Departments not communicating with each other
  • No, they are not lost. The Sponsor’s system just needs to be updated. Once their system is updated, we can update ours.

  • Please stop spending after the end date. This includes submitting cost transfers.

  • If it is 30 days or less after the end date or prior, it can go under the old award number. If it is more than 30 days after the end date, it must be paid under the new project number. (Another reason why it is important to be proactive and contact your Subs and vendors)

  • Once RFS sends the FFR, we lose the ability to draw funds under the novated award as the award is considered closed. (This is why it is important to monitor your salaries and reconcile your awards monthly)

  • Yes, RFS regularly checks to see when the carryforward is added to the new award.

  • Please check the UEI Consolidation website:

    You can also contact your RFS Accountant or RSP Grant Specialist.