Harvey is a corporate executive, founder, director, CEO, investor and advisor to pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and digital health companies, with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. He has held leadership roles at Sterling Health and The Boots Company in new product development, clinical, regulatory, sales, and strategic marketing that supported commercialization of dozens of international products for brands including Bayer, Neurofen, Strepsils, Midol, Phillips, Diaparene, and E45.

Harvey is a member of Advisory Boards for the Therapeutics and Biomedical Device Accelerators at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUMC) and development teams for potential breakthrough discoveries. He has served as a mentor and EIR for NYU Berkley Innovation Labs, Blackstone Launchpad@NYU; the EDC@NJIT; and Industry Mentor and adjunct faculty for NSF I-Corps. PhD (neuropharmacology), UGA; MBA, NYU Stern.

Areas of Expertise

  • Biopharma: Diagnostics, Drug Delivery, Therapeutics
  • Therapeutics: Dermatology, Gastroenterology & Digestive Disease, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Orthopedics - Bone, Neurodegenerative Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychiatry, Urology
  • Digital Health: Digital Health/Health IT
  • Devices and Instrumentation:  Consumer Applications, Biomedical
  • Imaging:  Software, Systems, Tracers/Probes/Reporters
  • Software Applications: Life Sciences and Biomedical
  • Other: Combination drug and device, Lab-on-a-chip