iLab FAQs

  • To reactivate an account, send an email to Indicate you are a Rutgers University iLab member, along with your name and lab affiliation. An iLab technical support member will assist with reactivating your account.

  • There are several reasons why you may not find your project in iLab.

    1. You are not the Principal Investigator or Project Manager of the project. You can request access to the project through the “Membership Requests & Project” tab of your lab’s page. Expand the “Request access to additional Projects” section. Enter the project and task number of the account you wish to have access to. A request will be sent to the PI / Project Manager of the account for approval. Once you receive approval, return to the “Membership Requests & Project” tab and assign the project to the appropriate lab members by clicking on the check mark below their name.
    2. The project number is not in iLab. The nightly fund file uploaded from Oracle to iLab mainly contains grant accounts (e.g. 800 series projects), but departmental accounts (e.g. 300 series project numbers) are not auto-loaded into the iLab system. Certain series accounts, such as the 2 series and 3 series, can be manually added to iLab by requesting access from the fund owner. Instructions on how to do so can be found here. However, some accounts, such as the 6 series, are excluded from iLab.

      Please note: If you wish to use a project from an excluded series, you must reach out to the core administrator to arrange payment outside of iLab.
    3. The project is not yet assigned to you. If your lab has access to an account, but you are unable to find it when requesting core services, your PI or lab manager may have to assign the project to you. They can do so by going to the “Membership Requests & Project” tab of the lab’s page and reviewing the projects listed under Manage Projects.  Your PI or lab manager will have to check mark the boxes under your name that pertain to the projects you should have access to.
  • There are two ways to view a brief description of each project number:

    1. A description of the account displays at the end of a project when selecting it for services.
    2. From the Projects list within the PI's lab, hover over the project number to display a description.
  • To register in iLab click here. Sign in using your Rutgers credentials. Complete the registration form, select the appropriate PI/lab and fill in your contact information. Once you complete the form, your PI will receive an approval notification that you requested access to their lab. The PI will have to approve the request before you can gain access to iLab.

  • To register in iLab click here. Enter your institution email address. Complete the registration form including contact information, group association and billing information. Once you complete the form, you will receive a Welcome Email from iLab (typically within one business day) with login credentials.

  • To find a list of available cores, expand the left-hand menu and select “Core Facilities”. Select on the core’s link to browse the services and equipment they have available.