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iLab Core Facility Management

Rutgers Research Core Services has adopted iLab as the streamlined core facility management system.

iLab Tools & Benefits

iLab’s management system effectively decreases the administrative burden of core facility managers and personnel, increasing time for more critical aspects of their lab work. iLab also enables our Rutgers research community to access core facilities services and expertise through a single, web-based, user-friendly portal.

Below you can find some of iLab's useful functions for core facilities.

Core Facilities Management

iLab Operations Software Information Graphic

iLab core facility management software helps you save time and money for core personnel, institutional administrators, and researchers. iLab operations software is designed to meet the needs of varying types of shared resource facilities, benefitting the individual core and enabling an institution to fully profit from investment in core operations.




Instrument Access Control & Usage Tracking

Instrument Access Control Graphic

The iLab instrument access management module allows facilities, such as nanofabrication and cleanrooms, to manage access of shared equipment through use of a microcontroller. This microcontroller acts as a bridge between iLab and the internal networks on campus, enabling facilities to control access to instruments that are both on an external network or connected locally.

Publication Tracking

Publication Tracker iLab

iLab publication tracker helps cores easily search for, filter, and save publications associated with the core. By combining publication data with other reporting data available in iLab, core facility administrators can get a quick view of the valuable services they provide.



Materials Management

Material Management iLab

iLab materials management software helps research laboratories simplify their day-to-day operations. Its functionality includes materials requisitioning management, inventory management, and reporting. With this tool, labs can search across multiple vendor catalogs to get the best price, view all orders for the lab and avoid duplicate ordering, and track their inventory.


Storeroom Management

iLab Storeroom Management

iLab storeroom management helps facilities such as chemistry stockrooms, supply closets, and storerooms manage and sell scientific products produced internally or procured from outside vendors. Its functionality flexibly supports the myriad of workflows that occur during the lifecycle of an order, including order placement, product listing, stock level and reorder management, and distribution tracking.


Sample Processing Management

iLab Sample Processing

The iLab sample processing tool allows cores to flexibly configure and combine a variety of container types, customer request forms, services, charges, and instrument input files, and specifically tailor them to a particular application or instrument.




Automated Studies Management

iLab Study Management

iLab study management software helps core facilities manage large scientific studies. This module ties individual tasks of a study to a larger, overarching project, which increases experimentation consistency and allows for collaboration of multiple researchers on one study.