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Export Control

Are you an Exporter?

Have you ever traveled internationally for business? Have you collaborated with a foreign national in the USA or abroad? Do you work with foreign nationals, in-person or remotely? These are only a few of the many activities which may cause you to export to a foreign country even if it is done unintentionally.

Who Needs to Comply?

Export Control Regulations require that all US persons, including all members of Rutgers University, prevent the export (sharing) of certain materials and information with certain foreign persons, unless a license (permission) from the US government is obtained, or an exclusion applies. Rutgers Export Control will assist you in determining what you are allowed to share and with whom.

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Ask Yourself 

The Rutgers Export Control department will need the following information to assist you in determining if your activities are covered under Export Control Regulations: 

  • Identify the company, end user, University, Visitor, Colleague, etc. 

  • You must allow time to get approval before your activity commences. You may need to wait several months (as the US government processes your license request), if a license is required. 

  • Which country(s)? All countries being visited, not just the starting destination.

  • When sharing the details of your travel plan, include what are you bringing with you, what are you researching, what materials you are using in your project, whether you are shipping an item, etc. 

  • Identify the purpose of your activity? (Conference, research, collaboration, etc.).

Export Control Guidance Topics

Information about important Export Control topics for Researchers.

Data Security & Retention

Safeguarding sensitive data and preventing unauthorized transfers.

Deemed Exports

“Releasing” controlled technology to a foreign person.

Exclusions, Exemptions, And Exceptions

Situations when Export Control regulations may not apply.

Export Control Activities

Determine if your activities are governed by U.S. Export Control regulations.

Export Control Licenses

What is a license and how to obtain it, if required by Export Control Regulations.

International Collaboration (Inside or Outside the USA)

Collaborating internationally from inside or outside the USA.

International Travel

Responsibilities When Traveling Internationally

Shipping Approvals

Your Shipment May Require Export Control Approval.

Visitor Agreements

Export Control is required to approve the visit of anyone not affiliated with Rutgers non-employee which visits Rutgers University.