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  • Rutgers Export Control is required to approve the visit of anyone not affiliated with Rutgers non-employee which visits Rutgers University including US Citizens, Permanent residents, non-Rutgers students and Foreign Nationals. These agreements are to document what technology and/or activities the visitor will be performing and to ensure they are compliment with export control regulations.  

  • A Visitor Agreement is a legally binding agreement with the following purpose:  

    • grants permission to access the intellectual and physical resources of the University for a finite period within a specific context. 

    • Clarify that any intellectual property developed in the course of the research and arising from the permission granted shall be the property of Rutgers University. This is not a negotiable term and should be made clear as early as possible to avoid any misunderstandings.  

    **For temporary visitors to campus to attend an event, VSA do not apply as long as they are not conducting research or accessing any Rutgers resources or facilities (e.g. attendees for an RU conference or event). 


    At Rutgers:

    1. Rutgers Department identifies applicable visitor who will be on campus.
    2. Rutgers Department completes the appropriate VSA Agreement Form with the visitor and sends it to RU Export Control.
    3. RU Export Control verifies and approves form. This may include guidance for how Rutgers members must interact with the visitor and how they may conduct their activities lawfully.

    ***Rutgers Department alerts Export Control to any changes to agreement (e.g. time period, scope of work, any new visitor etc.)

  • An approved Visitor Agreement must be completed before the individual arrived on campus, preferably 2 weeks or earlier to their arrival. Incomplete forms will be returned to submitter.

    Forms may only be submitted from the Rutgers sponsoring department, not directly from the visitor.