Getting Started

The Genome Editing Shared Resource of Rutgers-CINJ (GESR) is a state-of-the-art university core facility that offers services related to the creation of mouse and cell line models for the Rutgers research community. GESR utilizes the latest in genome editing technologies, particularly CRISPR-Cas9, to make precise genetically modified animals and custom modified cell lines tailored to the needs of our investigators.

In addition to gene editing, GESR offers traditional services such as DNA/BAC microinjection to make transgenic mouse lines. The GESR can assist investigators in banking their lines by sperm or embryo cryopreservation.                                                                                                         

GESR utilizes in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo rederivation to facilitate import of lines from external sources or from rooms of lower health status into clean facilities. IVF may also be used to quickly expand colonies. 

Rutgers GESR offers the following services:

  • Mouse model generation
  • Cell line gene editing
  • Mouse line cryopreservation
  • Mouse line rederivation
  • Design and production of CRISPR vectors
  • PCR Genotyping
  • Founder breeding

The GESR can also work with you on special projects to study embryonic development, in vivo gene editing/therapeutic models and control of gene expression using CRISPR-based activators/repressors that go beyond gene editing.


For consultation about your project requirements, please contact Dr. Peter Romanienko, Managing Director, GESR. Additionally, please visit our iLab page to learn more.


It is our goal to offer the highest quality services possible at reasonable prices to our scientific community. We apply strict conditions to keep our facility specific pathogen free and to provide a barrier environment for the housing of the transgenic mice. The GESR offers the following services:

  • CRISPR/CAS9 - Mediated Gene Editing in Mouse
    • Gene knock-out
    • Gene modification (amino acid changes, introduction of SNPs)
    • Antibody epitope tagging for protein localization in situ or W. blot
    • Conditional KO (floxed alleles)
    • Conditional knock-in (expression of modified alleles)
    • Cre, Cre-ERT2, FLO, Fluorescent protein KIs; with T2A/P2A or IRES
    • Humanized mouse models
    • Safe harbor targeting to H11 locus for reliable expression of transgenics
    • Rosa26 targeting for tissue specific, Cre-mediated expression
  • Mouse Line Cryopreservation
    • Sperm Cryopreservation
    • Embryo Cryopreservation
  • Mouse Line Rederivation
    • Live Mice as Source
    • Frozen Embryos as Source
  • Genotyping
    • The GESR offers genotyping of lines generated as an additional service
    • The GESR will design and validate genotyping assays as needed
  • In Vitro Fertilization
    • Frozen/Fresh sperm for line import, recovery, or rapid expansion
  • DNA Microinjection for transgenic generation
    • Standard transgenesis
    • BAC DNA Microinjection for BAC transgenesis
  • ES Cell Line Injection
    • ES Cell preparation and Karyotyping available as additional services

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Genome Editing Shared Resource embryo manipulation and microinjection/electroporation suite