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Zebrafish are an excellent vertebrate model system for biological studies such as genetics and toxicology. The zebrafish facility in Research Tower comprises of Tecniplast 5-rack recirculating aquaculture system with an adjacent pump room for the filtration and automated pH/salinity control systems. A future expansion to 10-rack capacity will provide additional tank space. Quarantine is available as a separate stand-alone recirculating system for imports. Principal Investigators can house their research fish while CMR staff provide exemplary daily husbandry care from the larval stage through adulthood. Our goal is to have healthy and productive research fish for your studies!

If you would like to obtain general information on Zebrafish, please visit the following websites:

Aquatics Core Training Information

Note: If a principal investigator would like to add new personnel to their approved protocol, you must submit a personnel amendment to their IACUC.

  1. Complete the online “Orientation to Animal Care and Use at Rutgers” module. The module can be found on eIACUC under eIACUC Home -"AALAS Learning Library"

  2. Complete Animal Research Clearance found on eIACUC

  3. Complete REHS Lab Safety/Biosafety/Bloodborne Pathogen Training

  4. Complete "Working with Laboratory Zebrafish” through AALAS learning library available on eIACUC

  5. Contact Aquatic Core Supervisor - Katie Flaherty at for the In-room Orientation Tour