Pre-Review Service


The mission of the Pre-Review Service is to improve submission outcomes by recommending and educating study teams on HRPP/IRB considerations and best practices. It is highly recommended that the Pre-Review Service is used by investigators prior to submitting new studies or substantial modifications to existing studies in eIRB.

Investigators may also opt to use this service for assistance with responding to IRB Memo requests post IRB review. In some instances, the IRB may require that the study team consult with the Pre-Review Team prior to re-submitting to the IRB.

The IRB Pre-Review Team is comprised of highly knowledgeable IRB and HRPP staff, as well as key Committee Members on the IRB. The Pre-Review team provides subject matter expertise and feedback for all study documents prior to the researcher’s formal submission or resubmission for review by the IRB in eIRB. When a Pre-Review request is made via Rutgers OneDrive or Rutgers Box, the Pre-Review team will review all shared documents and provide comments, suggestions, and guidance. It is recommended, but not required, that the study team update their submission based on Pre-Review Team feedback.

The Pre-Review process begins when the IRB receives a request for Pre-Review Services. The process ends when the investigator has been notified by the Pre-Review Team that the pre-review is complete. The investigator will find instructions and feedback within the documents submitted for pre-review. Instructions are provided below to initiate the Pre-Review process.

Accordion Content

  • To begin the process, please upload relevant documents as Word documents in Rutgers OneDrive or Rutgers Box.  Documents that should be included:

    • Protocol and/or local context supplement
    • All surveys, questionnaires, and data collection tools
    • All recruitment text/materials used (flyers, scripts, emails, etc.)
    • Any other document relevant to the research

    For Rutgers OneDrive users

    Please share the folder with all of the following Pre-Review Team members:

    • Jason Lin, Sr. Research Project Manager
    • Angela Cartmell-McGlyn, Sr. Research Project Manager
    • Rebecca Chen, ClinicalTrials.Gov
    • Claribel Vega, Sr. Reliance Manager

    For Rutgers Box users

    Please use the following email addresses when sharing the Box Folder:

    After sharing via Rutgers OneDrive or Box, please send an email to all of the Pre-Review Team Members (listed above) to alert them of your Pre-Review Service request.


    If using the Pre-Review Service, please do not submit your application in eIRB until after the pre-review is completed. Though it is not required that you implement the feedback provided by the Pre-Review Team, it is highly recommended that you do. The study documents that you upload into your eIRB application (protocol, study instruments, recruitment materials, consent forms, etc.) should be the latest versions (ideally reflecting the revisions suggested by Pre-Review).

    Pre-Review Completed

    We will notify you via email once the pre-review is completed. Please keep in mind that this courtesy pre-review is intended to help expedite the approval process and the comments are recommendations. Once you submit your study to the IRB via eIRB for review, IRB members, who are faculty familiar with a variety of research, may have additional comments during the review process.