RBHS UEI Consolidation Sponsor Registration

Sponsor Registration / Association Instructions for Faculty

Accordion Content

  • Visit eBRAP

    • Select:  I am new “Principal Investigator/Study Personnel “
    • Click “Start Registration” 
    • Search University name:  Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences
    • confirm UEI:  YVVTQD8CJC79 and DUNs 090299830
    • Click “Choose Organization” to continue
    • Complete personal profile
    • Click “Submit”

    Additional User Account Information: https://ebrap.org/eBRAP/public/UserGuide.pdf

  • Visit NSF

    • Sign in to Research.gov 
    • Click on “My Profile” at top of page 
    • Click “Add a new Role” (left navigation) 
    • Click on “Add Investigator or Authorized User Role”
    • Select “Yes, prepare and manage proposals within an organization as an investigator”
    • New Screen:   Enter UEI YVVTQD8CJC79 to search for organization 
    • Select radio button for Organization 
    • Complete/verify contact information and click “Next”
    • Role will show “Principal Investigator/co-Principal investigator, click “Next” and “Submit”

    See Page 4: https://www.research.gov/common/attachment/Desktop/Single_ID_Help.pdf

  • Visit Proposal Central

    • Create new account, or
    • Sign into Proposal Central (for existing account)
    • Click “Professional Profile”
    • On the left menu, under Institutions & Contact Information, select “Add”
    • Search Institution name Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences
    • Click radio button to select. Now added to Institution list
    • Unclick primary institution from previous profile and come back to new RBHS entry and select Primary and complete profile fields and save.  This profile will now be at top of the list.
    • Should still be able to see prior applications.
  • Visit HRSA

    Perform the following if you currently DO NOT have a HRSA account:

    • Register as New User
    • Create an Account
    • Click “I never had an account, Create New Account”
    • Complete Profile
    • Confirm
    • Associate with Organization, Enter UEI YVVTQD8CJC79,
    • Confirm information, then click “Register” (bottom of page)
    • Select Role “(PI)”, save and continue
    • Login (bottom of page)
    • Check User Acknowledgement
    • Check Additional certification
    • Should be logged in under new account associated with RBHS.

    Perform the following to associate an existing account:

    • Login to HRSA electronic Handbooks (link above)
    • Click on “Organization” link top of screen
    • Click “Associate New Organization”
    • Search by UEI YVVTQD8CJC79
    • Confirm information
    • Select Role “(PI)” save and continue
    • Should see new RBHS Associated account under organizations
  • Visit NJ Sage

    Existing users will be associated with the new RBHS Organization and added to the proposal submission upon creation in SAGE.

    New Users:

    • Click “Register”
    • Complete profile
      • EIN: 226001086
      • Organization:  Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences
      • Once profile complete click “Save”. Specialist can then add you to the organization.
  • The University is registered in Grants.gov as an organization. If a PI/Staff needs a Grants.gov account in order to submit via Workspace.

    Additional instructions: https://www.grants.gov/applicants/registration.html