As executive director of Research Relationships, Marika is responsible for facilitating universitywide strategic alliances between external partners and the Rutgers research community. She serves as a key liaison between potential external partners and internal stakeholders across Rutgers, disseminating intel, convening leads, securing agreements, and ensuring that collaborative projects align with mutual goals. Marika draws upon nearly 20 years of experience in the academic and non-profit sectors creating collaborative opportunities for researchers across disciplines in the US and abroad.

Prior to her work in the Office for Research, Marika helped establish the Office of Research and Innovation within the Provost's Office at Rutgers-New Brunswick. She spent several years at the Social Science Research Council overseeing signature graduate and early career fellowship programs and advising on various Council efforts. Over the course of her career, Marika has also worked on civic engagement initiatives in the public and non-profit sectors, and managed legal advocacy programs at the American Association of University Women.

Marika holds a BA from Hampshire College in political theory and legal studies and a PhD in political science from Rutgers–New Brunswick.