Guidance for Active RBHS NIH Awards

For Faculty and Administration Support Staff

  1. Faculty must complete the NIH RPPR and submit to RSP Grant Specialist (GS) 45 days before budget period end.
  2. RSP GS will upload in the RPPR under “Section G1: Special Notice of Award Terms and FOA Reporting Requirements”, an attachment entitled “Administrative Change of Institution” and include the necessary documentation for the type 7 transfer to the NIH.
  3. Upon submission of the RPPR, the RSP GS will email the same documentation (i.e., OPERA Letter, Request Letter and Face Cover Page) to the NIH Grants Management Specialist (ccing the PI and Departmental Staff) noted on the Notice of Award and update the RAPSS record.
  4. RSP GS will process 2-3 modifications in RAPSS to complete this transfer. The purpose of each mod is as follows:
    • First Mod - Creates an advance account to prevent interruptions in spending. No request action is required on behalf of the PI / Department Staff for this advance account to be created. RAPSS Award “Financial Accounts” tab will be updated accordingly
    • Second Mod - Converts advance account to regular active account;  will be processed once new award notice received
    • Third Mod - Adds any carryforward funding from the previous award increments once the Final Financial Report (FFR) is submitted by Research Financial Services (RFS), approved by NIH AND the residual balance has been transferred to the proper RBHS account in the Payment Management Services (PMS) system.  An RU Budget template providing the breakdown of this amount must be prepared by the PI / Proposal Team and uploaded in RAPSS under this modification record.
  5. RFS staff will provide RSP GS with a copy of the submitted FFR for each award being transferred 90 days after the anniversary date. ALL TRANSFERRED AWARDS WILL RECEIVE NEW AWARD AND PROJECT ACCOUNTS IN ORACLE.
  6. Existing associated supplements will be automatically transferred as part of the parent award.