Budget Templates


Research and Sponsored Programs is responsible for approving budget(s) of all proposals to outside granting agencies and negotiates awards with funding agencies. Budget development should be detailed, realistic, and as comprehensive as possible to ensure that all costs of the project have been accounted for.

The Budget Template is used by faculty and staff in the preparation of their grant budgets. The budget template includes auto-calculating features to calculate the most current approved fringe benefits and facilities and administrative costs (F&A) as established by the current Rutgers rate agreement, as well as imposing the correct calculation rules regarding those purchases or services that do not incur F&A. Please see the cost-share policy for information regarding when a budget with cost-share detail is required.

Once completed, the budget template and a complete budget justification (including cost-share detail when applicable) should be sent electronically to the Grants Specialist for review and comment. The Grants Specialist will respond back with any questions, concerns, requests for correction(s), or suggestions on how to clarify the budget or justification. Please note that the total funds awarded/granted by the sponsor at the time of award may not reflect the total amount of funds requested at the time of the proposal submission. As a result, your Grants Specialist will request a revised budget when necessary to reflect the exact amount of funds (in MTDC or TDC) and F&A received from the sponsor as stated in the award document.

Budget Template Instructions

System/Software Requirements: Please be sure you are using the most recent version of Microsoft Excel available.

Accordion Content

  • Welcome Tab

    1. Determine the F&A Rate Category and F&A Base
      • Select the primary submitting institution (RU/RBHS).
      • Select the category to determine the indirect cost rate the project based on the negotiated F&A rate.
      • Select the appropriate F&A base to calculate the indirect costs (MTDC/TDC/Other).
    2. Will the project involve cost sharing?
      • The cost sharing tabs will show/hide depending on the response provided.
      • A signed copy of the Cost Sharing Distribution/Signature form must accompany the cost sharing budget.
    3. Demographic information
      • Indicate if there will be consultants, subcontracts or program income involved on the project (the respective tabs will show/hide depending on the response).
      • Indicate (optional) if there is a direct cost cap (per budget period) for the project The budget summary will display the remaining allocable costs.
      • Indicate (optional) if there is a total cost cap (per budget period) for the project. The budget summary will display the remaining allocable costs.
      • Complete the remaining demographic information.
    4. Enter the Project Dates
      • The dates must be entered for the budget worksheet to calculate correctly.
      • If a custom F&A rate is selected in step 1 above and the custom rate entered on the budget summary, the rates will be displayed in this section also.

    Personnel Tab (Advanced/Basic)

    1. Either or Both tabs may be used to determine salary/fringe expenses for the budget.
      • The advanced tab may be used if cost of living adjustments and calculations based on effort are a requirement.
      • The basic tab may be used if a simple calculation of fringe is required based on the salary entered.
      • The aggregate of both tabs will be displayed on the Budget summary.
    2. If cost sharing is selected, there will be two additional tabs for cost sharing. They function the same as noted above.
    3. Entries may be added or removed (there must be at least one line item).

    Consultants / Subcontracts / Program Income

    1. These tabs will display only if a response of Yes is made on the Welcome tab.
      • Entries may be added or removed (there must be at least one line item).
    2. Consultants / Subcontracts will be aggregated on the budget summary tab.
    3. Subcontracts need to be entered using the direct/indirect costs for each subaward per budget period.

    Budget Summary

    1. This tab will aggregate the information of the Personnel, Consultants and Subcontracts tabs.
    2. Additional entries can be made for other budget line items by using the default categories or selecting the dropdown to choose a different category.
    3. If cost sharing was selected an additional tab fort cost sharing will appear.

    Empty Sheet

    Open tab for custom calculations.

    Effort Calculator

    Calculates effort based on salary entered.

    F&A Rates / Fringe Rates / MTDC Structure

    Information tabs displaying the current F&A rates, fringe rates and account codes used on the budget summary.