Faculty Extra Compensation & Other Pay


Faculty extra compensation and other pay requirements pertain to academic year faculty members and regular NL (no limit on hours worked) employees who are not normally entitled to overtime pay. Approval from both the agency and university are necessary.

Agency Approval

If work is across departmental lines, or involves a separate or remote operation and the work is in addition to the regular departmental load, compensation above the base salary requires prior written agency approval. (Ref: OMB Circular A-21 Section J.8.d., Oct. 1991)

University Approval

The work must be approved in writing by the individual's primary department chair, dean or director. The Statement of Work Memo should address, in detail, how the individual meets the above OMB Circular A-21 requirements. The compensation must be paid through the university’s payroll system either as an additional appointment, when this is appropriate, or as other pay.

Review the Faculty Other Compensation Procedure [Word doc] for further instructions and information before completing the Faculty Other Compensation Authorization Form [Word doc].