RBHS Scientific Review Board: CINJ Studies

Cancer-related research involving human subjects at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ) submitted to the IRB require CINJ Scientific Review Board (SRB) approval before being eligible to receive IRB Approval.


The Scientific Review Board (SRB) of the Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ) is the institutional body charged with Protocol Review and Monitoring. The SRB oversees the scientific aspects of cancer-related research involving human subjects at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ). The SRB focuses on the scientific merit of cancer-related research involving human subjects at CINJ. The function of the SRB is complementary to that of the Rutgers/RWJMS Institutional Review Board (IRB), but it does not duplicate or overlap the responsibilities of the IRB, which focuses on the protection of human subjects.

The specific objectives of the SRB are as follows:

  • Review the scientific merit of cancer-related research involving human subjects at CINJ.
  • Review of amendments that are deemed to be significant to the scientific conduct and/or progress of the trial before IRB submission.
  • Foster the development of innovative, collaborative, and scientifically sound studies, which focus on the prevention, detection, diagnosis, or treatment of cancer.
  • Provide a standard format for submission and review.
  • Review of trials identified by Human Research Oversight Committee (HROC) as having low accrual, significant toxicities, or significant protocol violations.
  • Close a trial when an accrual rate is judged too low to allow the aims of the trial to be completed within a reasonable period or if the scientific integrity of the trial is compromised due to the lack of adherence to the research design and methods of the protocol.

All cancer-related protocols involving a University/RWJMS faculty member or a CINJ member require review and approval by the CINJ SRB, as mandated by the Dean of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS).

CINJ SRB Form Instructions

Please complete the following steps to submit your SRB application in the Oncore website:

  1. Access the Online Collaborative Research Environment (ONCORE) website. If you don’t have access to Oncore, please contact Yifang Zhou (CINJ).
  2. Once logged in, place your cursor over the ePRMS tab and click 'Submission Console'.
  3. Look for the 'Create Submission' section, on the left side of your screen, click the button for ‘Initial Review’. Begin entering information pertaining to your study. Please leave the protocol no. field blank - this will be entered by our in-house staff.
  4. After all requested and applicable information is entered, click ‘save’. An expanded version of the page will appear; the system will prompt you to provide additional information such as study team, study sites, sponsor and research documents.
  5. Review your information and make sure that you have entered as much information as possible then click ‘submit’. This will send your application to the SRB coordinator to begin the review process.

Need Help?

Tracie Saunders, Executive Director: tks13@cinj.rutgers.edu
Kassie DiOrio, SRB Regulatory Manager: kassie.diorio@rutgers.edu
Reham Shaalan, SRB Coordinator: reham.shaalan@cinj.rutgers.edu