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  • Research Incubator in Climate and Health Ideas Café

Research Incubator in Climate and Health Ideas Café

Date & Time

Thursday, June 23, 2022, 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.


Lecture or Seminar


Hosted by the Research Development Team 

Business people meeting at office using post it notes to share brainstorming ideas

The Research Incubator in Climate and Health's Ideas Café is an event intended to help faculty to make new research connections while also providing a venue to gather peer feedback on emerging research ideas in line with the incubator’s theme. Participants will present short (up to 4-minute) research talks to fellow participants in small groups, with additional time reserved for idea exchange, discussion, and networking. While optional, the Ideas Café is intended to invite conversation and new collaborations among peers and must be thematically relevant to the broad areas of the incubator.

To participate in the Ideas Café: Faculty must complete this online registration form containing questions about their research interests (with respect to the incubator’s theme) and their goals for participating in the event. We’d like to learn a little bit about your research interests at the nexus of climate and health. The questions on the registration form will help our team organize participants in small groups based on their stated interests and needs.

The forum will be limited to the first fifty eligible registrants.