Molecular Design and Synthesis Core Staff

Jacques Y. Roberge

Director, Associate Research Professor

  • 37 years of drug discovery experience at Rutgers, BMS, Egret, Theracos, Pacylex
  • Co-inventor of Bexagliflozin (T2 Diabetes)
  • Expertise in metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, CNS, CV, oncology, endocrinology, chemical process development, preclinical development, early discovery, combinatorial chemistry
  • Designing compounds for human dosing (ADME/PK/Metabolism)

Mark Grier

  • 19 years in pharmaceutical industry at Echelon Biosciences, Kalyra, Paratek, RSP Amino Acids
  • Co-Inventor of Omadacycline and Sarecycline
  • Expertise in infectious diseases, CNS, oncology, process development, natural products, computational chemistry

Zoltan Szekely

  • Expertise in antibody-drug conjugates
  • 12 years of academic research and teaching at Rutgers
  • 7 years of in NCI and biotech research (Sequoia)

John Gilleran

  • 15 years in drug discovery at Lexicon, Rutgers
  • Co-inventor of LX2311

Anastasiia Tsymbal

Research Associate

  • 3 years as a medicinal chemist
  • 7 years in organic synthesis
  • Expertise in computational chemistry, organic synthesis, and early drug discovery 

About Us

Rutgers Molecular Design and Synthesis provides medicinal chemistry services, synthesis support and molecular probes for researchers at Rutgers and industry. Our core staff utilizes their vast experience to create new compounds and drive discoveries.

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