Molecular Design & Synthesis Core Publications

Recent Publications

  1. Authors: Carry E, Kshatriya D, Silva J, Davies D. L, Yuan B, Wu Q, Patel H, Park E. R, Gilleran J, Hao L, Roberge J. Y, Bello N. T, Simon J. E.
    Title: Identification of Dihydromyricetin and Metabolites in Serum and Brain Associated with Acute Anti-Ethanol Intoxicating Effects in Mice
    PublicationInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences 2021, 22, 7460
  2. Authors: Silva J, Carry E, Xue C, Zhang J, Liang J, Roberge J. Y, Davies D. L.
    Title: A Novel Dual Drug Approach That Combines Ivermectin and Dihydromyricetin (DHM) to Reduce Alcohol Drinking and Preference in Mice
    PublicationMolecules 2021, 26, 1791
  3. Authors: Gilleran J. A, Yu X, Blayney A. J, Bencivenga A. F, Na B, Augeri D. J, Blanden A. R, Kimball S. D, Loh S. N, Roberge J. Y, Carpizo D. R.
    Title: Benzothiazolyl and Benzoxazoyl Hydrazones Function as Zinc Metallochaperones to Reactivate Mutant p53
    PublicationJournal of Medicinal Chemistry 2021