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Researchers at Rutgers push the boundaries of knowledge and seek answers to the world's most complex questions. Driven by the big picture, the breadth and depth of our research spans across multiple disciplines. 

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Rutgers and ExxonMobil are working together to make sure the compounds that delight your nose aren't harmful. Check out our video to see the robot they're using to collect data.


Rutgers Robot Helps Environmental Researchers

Core Facilities

Core Facilities bridges the gap between basic and interdisciplinary pre-clinical research for Rutgers faculty. Professional staff help faculty create translational data for more competitive biomedical grant submissions and increase collaboration with the private sector.

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The Molecular Design and Synthesis Laboratory focuses on the design and synthesis of small-molecule probes to investigate new biology. In collaboration with other biomedical scientists, these probes are used to interrogate biological pathways to create preliminary data for grant applications as well as to design molecules for diagnostic and therapeutic use. 

The Research Pathology Services mission is to support research in animal models of human disease by providing histology techniques and veterinary pathology services. With expertise in a wide range of mammalian and non-mammalian species, the Facility assists investigators with the selection of animal models, design of experiments, analysis of gross and microscopic tissues, and interpretation of findings. 

The Rutgers University Molecular Imaging Center is an advanced facility that offers non-invasive approaches to observe disease states, disease progression, and therapeutic responses in living systems and ex vivo organs. Established by the Office of Research and Economic Development, RUMIC is intended for use primarily by Rutgers faculty although organizations outside of Rutgers may inquire about using the facility on a fee-for-service basis.

A state-of-the-art MRI facility, the Brain Imaging Center enables researchers from Rutgers as well as those from nearby institutions to develop new research strategies and increase understanding of brain processes underlying typical and atypical functioning. The center offers an array of advanced features, such as systems for eye-tracking and physiological data collection, aural and visual stimulus presentation devices, and high-capacity data storage and analysis.