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Please note: Currently tomato seeds are unavailable for sale as we do not have a licensee to sell the seeds. Scarlet Sunrise is available for licensing.


The Rutgers NJAES tomato researchers and breeders have brought back long-lost favorite Jersey tomato varieties from the 1930s to 1970s, by conducting tomato tastings, and communicating with gardeners and farmers on growing delicious tomatoes. The classic old time Jersey Tomatoes were a portfolio of varieties that did well under New Jersey’s climatic conditions and in different ranges of soils. They also ripened at different times of the season. Two popular Jersey tomato varieties, ‘Rutgers’ and ‘Ramapo’ tomatoes were developed at Rutgers NJAES in the 20th century.

Our current research and tomato breeding efforts embraces our past contributions and forges ahead with the acknowledgement that consumers’ desire for tasty tomatoes is an important component of breeding and growing tomatoes.