Limited Submission Policies & Procedures

About Limited Submission Opportunities

Limited Submissions are funding opportunities where the sponsor has limited the number of applications accepted from one institution or organization. Faculty members interested in submitting a proposal to a Limited Submission Opportunity (LSO) must submit an internal pre-proposal for internal review.

It is imperative that PIs/Teams follow the Limited Submissions process. Failure to do so may result in Rutgers having applications returned without review or being rendered ineligible to apply to future funding cycles.

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Application Materials

Research Development attempts to align internal pre-proposal requirements with those of the sponsor as well as collect sufficient information to ensure a quality internal review. To submit an internal proposal for review, faculty members must submit the following in a single PDF file:

  1. Project Summary (2-page limit, 11pt font, 1" margins)
  2. Department Chair/Dean Support
  3. Biosketch for each PI and Co-PI at Rutgers

If you submitted the same or a similar proposal in the past, you are also required to submit the scores and reviewer comments from the prior review, as well as describe how you plan on addressing the reviewers' comments. 

Relationships: If applicable, describe the current relationship with the Primary Sponsor (e.g. prior funding reviewed, conversations with current employees, encouragement to apply, etc.)

Faculty members may only submit one proposal for each LSO as the lead PI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions, including where to submit for universitywide opportunities, what materials you need for pre-proposals, and more. 

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