Stephen is a human geneticist with over 32 years of commercial experience in life sciences in areas of stem cells, cell and gene therapy and drug development. He is an entrepreneur, teacher and scientific and business leader in life science with specific emphasis on small company startups and non-profits. Stephen provides leadership, strategy, startup counseling and drug development of complex drug products and organizational structure and is a strong believer in teams and their functions. He is a recognized pioneer in commercial gene therapy and complex biologicals. Two recent positive drug success in Instilligen rAd-fin/ syn3 (In PDUFA review) and Intravail diazepam (approved) are from his lab or direct involvement.

Areas of Expertise

  • Advanced Materials and Chemicals: Biomedical Applications 
  • Biopharma: Drug Delivery; Therapeutics; Vaccines
  • Drug Discovery Technology: Medicinal Chemistry; Biomedical Research Tools; Animal Models of Disease
  • Therapeutics: Blood & Lymphatic Disease; Cardiovascular; Dental/Oral Health; ; Dermatology; Diabetes, Metabolism, Endocrinology & Obesity; Ear, Nose & Throat; Gastroenterology& Digestive Disease; General & Plastic Surgery; Immunology, Autoimmune & Inflammation; Infectious Diseases; Musculoskeletal Disorders, Orthopedics – Bone; Neurodegenerative; Oncology; Ophthalmology; Regenerative Medicine – Tissue Engineering; Respiratory & Pulmonary; Transplantation
  • Biomedical - Other: Genomics; Precision Health; Biodefense
  • Imaging: Tracers/Probes/Reporters
  • Software and Applications: Life Sciences and Biomedical
  • Other: Biologics manufacturing; Biologics startups; Pitch decks; Antibodies: Stem cells and Cosmetics