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Researcher Support

Pursuing research excellence is no small undertaking and requires the right support. Our purpose is to empower you to create knowledge and advance discoveries that benefit communities in New Jersey and around the world. Let us help you initiate, organize, manage and bring your research to the next level. 

We're With You Every Step of the Way

From finding the right funding to getting help with your proposal and learning the ins and outs of Rutgers' research administration process, we're ready to facilitate every step of your work.

Build Your Ideas

The Office for Research sponsors interactive events throughout the year to help faculty foster partnerships, crowdsource new concepts, and learn about new research in emerging areas.

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Commercialize Your Innovation

From patenting your invention to finding you the right licensing partner, we'll make sure your work reaches the broadest audience possible.

Your Research Support Team

The staff at the Office for Research is ready to provide you with timely, solution-focused service to foster research and innovation. 

Leadership Team

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Animal Care

Animal Care works closely with the Rutgers Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees to provide the highest quality animal care and veterinary oversight of our research animals in support of a shared commitment to humane animal research.

Corporate Engagement Center

The Corporate Engagement Center offers a “one-stop shop” for members of the Rutgers community at all locations looking to forge partnerships with businesses and for companies seeking all the opportunities Rutgers has to offer.

Innovation Ventures

Innovation Ventures aims to partner with the Rutgers community to encourage deliberate innovation, protect and leverage Rutgers intellectual property, foster collaboration with industry, and enable entrepreneurship.

Office of Advanced Research Computing

The Office of Advanced Research Computing is the university’s centralized research computing and data science resource, providing Rutgers researchers with essential computing, networking, storage, and data-handling capabilities. 

Research Analytics & Systems

The Research Analytics and Systems team is the central source of research-related data. The team focuses on data integrity, metrics that support data-driven decisions, developing dashboards, and assisting and/or leading the construction, upgrading and integration of research-servicing systems.

Research and Sponsored Programs

The Research and Sponsored Programs team provides a range of services to faculty and staff seeking funding from public and private not-for-profit sponsors, navigating through the proposal review, submission and award setup process, issuing subawards, and providing educational programs for faculty and staff. 

Research Communications & Marketing

Research Communications aims to raise the visibility and profile of Rutgers research and bring its impact to life for key audiences through internal and external communications, media relations, digital channels, advertising and marketing. The team also partners with thousands of investigators across the university to shine light on their brilliant and innovative ideas across campus and beyond. 

Research Contract Services

Research Contract Services supports the research community with professional contracts management services that establish and strengthen strategic alliances with Rutgers research sponsors. The team reviews, drafts and negotiates all  research-related material transfer agreements, data use agreements, nondisclosure agreements (NDAs, CDAs), and all research contracts.

Research Development

The Research Development team supports researchers in project ideation, resource identification and curation, and multidisciplinary team formation to enhance grant proposal competitiveness. The team also offers proposal development services to support large-scale grant submissions. 

Research Financial Services

Research Financial Services performs central financial accounting for sponsored research, and provides postaward administration support services for the university’s sponsored programs and other restricted funds, including the coordination of effort certification processes.

Research Regulatory Affairs

Research Regulatory Affairs helps research faculty, administrators and staff comply with local, state and national laws and regulations, and promotes the integrity of the scientific record through education, training and certification.

Rutgers University Biomedical Research Innovation Cores

Rutgers University Biomedical Research Innovation Cores staff help bridge the gap between basic and interdisciplinary pre-clinical research for researchers at Rutgers and beyond.

University Core Facilities

The Core Facilities team supports, builds and coordinates universitywide specialized laboratories which offer state-of-the-art equipment, unique instrumentation and shared services managed by scientists with the technical expertise and experience to help other researchers at Rutgers and beyond. 

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